Welcome to the FotoZap® REST API Home Page

If you are a photographer who is testing to see if the FotoZap® Uploader can reach this website from behind your corporate firewall or proxy, read this:

If you can reach this with your Internet browser, you have a valid Internet connection and your local network is not blocking your browser from reaching this website.

If you can see this page in a browser, but when you run the FotoZap® Uploader you are still receiving the “ENET” error that says your Internet connection is not functioning, it is possible you are trying to upload photos from a location with a corporate proxy server.

To upload from a network with a corporate proxy server, you must enter the proxy settings into the user.properties file on your SD card. You will first need the proxy server settings from your Network Administrator. Once you have the settings, you can look inside the user.properties file for instructions on how to update it or email a request for proxy server instructions to support@picturemarketing.com.

If you have questions about the FotoZap Uploader application or need to download the latest version, please visit this support page: http://support.picturemarketing.com/uploader

If you are a developer who is integrating Picture Marketing features into your own application, read this:

Thank you for your interest in developing to the Picture Marketing API. We are committed to making your integration as seamless as possible. Click to visit our API documentation page to download the documentation and please let us know if you have any questions or feature requests.